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Refinancing Your Home Loan | MGM Lenders, Inc.

Does your mortgage need a health check? Is it performing as well as it should? The mortgage that suited you once might not be working hard enough for you today.

Ten point health check

Make your mortgage work harder. MGM Lenders Inc. can help you whip that mortgage beast into shape by providing:

  • 1. Easy access to your lending manager
  • 2. No monthly fees
  • 3. Fortnightly or weekly payment options at no extra cost
  • 4. Salary can be paid directly into your loan
  • 5. Lump sum repayment options*
  • 6. Consolidate other debts so you pay less interest
  • 7. Ability to change to fixed rate
  • 8. A competitive interest rate
  • 9. Redraw facility and access to any additional payments*
  • 10. Competitive application and establishment fees*

*Only available on variable rate account loans

Feel in control of your mortgage. It’s easy to switch over to MGM Lenders Inc. One phone call to MGM Lenders Inc. and we’ll do the work for you! We can even tell you the answer to that all-important question, “How much can I borrow?”.

Make sure you protect your home with insurance.

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