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What Is A Streamline Refinance?

If your existing mortgage is backed by the government, you may be entitled to refinance under a “streamline refinance” program. These cut both the time and the paperwork required, and often make it much easier to get approved because some ignore your employment status, the current market value of your home and your credit score and report. If you have a mortgage provided under any of the following government-backed programs, read on to discover the benefits offered by a streamline refinancing and to learn about some of the rules and restrictions that surround them:
  • FHA loans – Federal Housing Administration
  • VA loans – Veterans Administration
  • HARP refinances – Home Affordable Refinance Program
  • USDA Rural loans – United States Department of Agriculture – rural development
Please note that, just because the government (which guarantees the loans) sets eligibility rules, that doesn’t mean that every lender (which puts up the money) has to accept them. Lenders are entitled to impose their own eligibility criteria, and your existing one may be stricter than others. Don’t despair. Simply shop around for a lender that’s more comfortable with your personal circumstances.

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