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Building A New Home | MGM Lenders, Inc.

If you want to build a new property or renovate an existing one, MGM Lenders Inc. loan is one of the best ways to finance it.

Gather the information you’ll need to apply for the loan.

  • A fixed price contract from a licensed builder for the construction
  • Council approved plans and specifications of the proposed residence
  • A copy of builders insurance which must be current during construction

Talk to MGM Lenders Inc. about getting your project valued

  • We’ll allocate a specialist valuer to your project
  • The value of your completed project will be estimated
  • The valuer will check the progress during construction – to make sure the work has been completed as stated and to approve the builders progress claims
  • Once completed, the valuer will confirm a final valuation of your property

Paying your suppliers

  • Paying your suppliers
  • This is done by providing us with a copy of your builders invoice along with a request for funds at agreed intervals. Often this is:
    • · At the concrete or timber flooring stage
    • · When your framework is done
    • · Once you can lock up your property
    • · On completion of your project
  • The valuer will be asked to confirm the works stated
  • MGM Lenders Inc. will approve the claim and pay the amount direct to your builder

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